Water Use Efficiency

Less than one percent of the world’s water supply is available and safe for human consumption. Although fresh water is a renewable resource, it is limited especially in many parts of the world where agriculture is essential to food security. Even when water is available, changes in climate, weather-related droughts and floods can cause variations in rainfall patterns and environmental conditions that affect water supply and crop yields.

Arcadia’s Solution

Arcadia’s Water Use Efficiency (WUE) trait has been demonstrated to improve crop yields under conditions of episodic water stress and to help crops recover from severe drought conditions. Arcadia and its partners have incorporated the WUE trait into major global crops including wheat, rice, corn, cotton, sugarcane and tree crops.

Arcadia’s WUE trait enables growers to increase yields and improve farming efficiencies while reducing agriculture’s demand for fresh water in irrigated as well as arid regions.

  • Water Use Efficiency