Salinity Tolerance

Of the world’s 568 million acres of irrigated land, 111 million acres, or about 20 percent, are estimated to be impacted by salinity. The global cost of lost crop yield to salt-induced land degradation is estimated to be $27.3 billion per year according to the United Nations Natural Resources Forum. Salinity stress occurs globally where irrigation is prevalent, where ground water supplies are salinized due to seawater intrusion and where soils are salinized due to mineral deposits. Such areas are common in North America, India, China, Australia and other regions of Asia.

Arcadia’s Solution

Arcadia’s Salinity Tolerance (ST) trait enables plants to produce normal yields under highly saline conditions. In addition to their improved agronomic performance, these ST plants bind excess salt from soil and help restore salinized land over time. Arcadia and its partners have applied the trait to a wide range of crops, including wheat, rice, corn, soybeans, sugarcane and vegetables.

  • Irrigation Equipment in a Wheat Field