Post Harvest Quality

Fresh produce is a critical part of a healthy diet. To maintain a year-round supply of consumer produce items, production must occur in warm climates, which are often thousands of miles away from the ultimate consumer.

Despite the measures taken to bring fresh produce to market, significant waste and spoilage create added expenses for packers, transporters and retailers, all of which eventually trickles down to consumers.

Arcadia’s Solution

Using an advanced non-GM breeding tool called TILLING, Arcadia has identified a number of genetic variations that will lead to longer shelf life for tomatoes and other produce items. Arcadia’s longer-lasting tomato varieties will be able to remain on the vine longer so that they can be picked after the natural flavor has had a chance to fully develop. The new varieties reduce waste and spoilage in the production cycle, as well as offer improved quality to consumers.

In addition to tomatoes, Arcadia’s technology and know-how can be used to develop improved shelf-life and eating qualities in other types of fresh produce, such as lettuce, strawberries and melons.

  • Hands with red tomatoes